A dexter, a median, and a sinister walk into a bar…

Here goes nothing…

I think they call what I’m trying to do here “rebooting”. Basically, it’s the internet equivalent of the chalk duster, though perhaps more perfect and less messy.

So. This is my nth weblog attempt in as many years. My previous excursions into the huge, hollow amphitheatre of the web all turned into places I could squeeze the pus of my soul, but not much more. Perhaps the internet equivalent of a handkerchief (remember those?), and about as pleasant to see. (As were the strange, disjointed, and frightened people those weblogs attracted!)

Which was silly, in many ways, because I’m not an unpleasant person. I don’t have an unpleasant personality, and I detest unpleasant people. And yet, in the mirror of my weblogs, there I was: all horrible, frustrated, and nasty, with ne’er a good word for anyone or anything. There were very, very good reasons for that, but it’s not the whole picture, more a badly-drawn and unlikeable caricature. Who would’a thunk it, hey?

So let’s “reboot” this motherfucker, and see if I can leave a shadow of my real self where other, likeminded people can find and appreciate it. Who knows, it could be fun! And at least it’ll be pus-free.

OK, what’s with the dexter, median and sinister bits?

Yeah, it sounds all arty-farty and high-falutin’, but really it’s my attempt to duplicate the strange phenomenon in physics called “symmetry breaking”. The words “dexter” and “sinister”, with all their added freight, hark back to the days when knights of old clanked around what they thought was the whole world carrying huge, heavy, business cards called “shields”.

The funny thing about the way those business cards were described was that the “left” (sinister) and “right” (dexter, right?) were described from the bearer’s perspective, not the poor unfortunates who got to view the shields (usually just before they got stuck with a big sharp pointy bit of low-carbon steel). Think of it as handing out business cards with all the writing reversed. So a “bend sinister” was a bar that ran from your right upper point to your left lower point – which is all arse about when you really think about it.

What all that verbiage means is that I’m hoping to be able to offer a slightly flipped perspective on the various bits of mental flotsam, news items, and ideas I’ll be writing about. With a little luck, there may even be a tiny dash of humour, though that’s not the point – I’m always and will ever be a very funny person, but I’m not a funny writer, and I’m not going to try to be a comedian, because that will just annoy you and enervate me. And let’s face it, there are millions of funnier, smarter, cleverer, hunkier, and more thoughtful webloggers out there, and I’m not going to fash about trying to better them for the hell of it. I’ve got more important things on my mind.

Thank you, wanderer, for dropping by, and do please leave a comment or a g’day if you feel so inclined!

On with the show!

  1. G’Day Pete from Oz:) It’s been a long time since I came across such a thoughtful and well written blog. I am looking forward to seeing what you post next:)

    • G’day Jane! Thanks very much for the nice thought, it’s much appreciated. I tend to write waaaaay too much for most people (it’s a gift/burden/bonus/drag sometimes).

      I’ve been offline for a while, hence my late approval. Sorry about that!

      But on the plus side, I’ve been writing some “pseudo-biblical” material during the downtime, and I’m hoping to be able to post that soon. Think “canonical new testament” with a twist… It should be a hoot (well, for some…)

      Please pop back from time to time, I really am planning to put a bit more work into this. ANd hopefully I can get off my high horse for a bit…


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